About Us

The AVS Car Security, AVS GPS Tracking and Freetrack brands are part of Manta Electronics Ltd, a family run, proudly Kiwi owned and operated company. AVS is supported by a great nationwide network of installers and resellers (many of them have been working with us for 20 years).

The brand AVS (Advanced Vehicle Security) was created at the end of the 1990’s by Kevin Mooney, at the time a 22-year old obsessed by cars. He, along with the rest of his generation, loved the early turbo cars such as Nissan, Toyota, and Subaru that had just started coming in from Japan. After initially starting the company selling a European car alarm brand we soon began to source a new range of alarms which could be sold at more affordable prices with features better suited for the types of cars everyone was buying – no mean feat in the days before Google! And so the AVS brand began.

Today AVS is one of the leading car security brands in New Zealand. Kevin and our (small but) mighty team continues to stay at the forefront of vehicle technologies. This has led to the significant development of our car security lines and also driven growth in GPS tracking and after market safety products such as parking sensors and cameras.

GPS tracking initially began as a natural addition to the security products and soon evolved into its’ own category of the business.

Today we support commercial, trade, marine, machine, and asset tracking with a real time GPS tracking system that is maintained and developed here in New Zealand. We also offer a second subscription free GPS solution Freetrack (ask us for more information).

All AVS, AVS GPS Tracking and Freetrack products come with local warranties backed by us. We choose to source stock from around the world according to quality and value from proven manufacturers.

Manta specialises in the design and build of customised security systems for vehicles, buildings or any other asset – few other companies can offer the same level of experience with both vehicle technologies and security products. You can read more about what we can offer here.

Manta Electronics is licensed by the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority in New Zealand. Our friendly team is here to help. If you’d like to discuss how we could help you please contact us by email or call 0800 438 862.