Use geo-fencing to monitor non-authorised movement of a vehicle in to or out of an area.

It’s easy to set up a new geo-fence – simply click-and-draw on the live map.



  • A geo-fence creates a virtual boundary or fence around a particular site or route
  • If your vehicles move in or out of the boundary line you can receive notification by email or SMS
  • Use geo-fencing to monitor non-authorised vehicle movement i.e. if a rental vehicle is taken onto specifically excluded roads or if your boat is moved from the storage yard
  • Simply click and draw to set up a geo-fence on the live map
  • Geo-fencing is automatically included as part of your AVS GPS Tracking account
  • See Area Search and Points of Interest for entry/exit zone reporting features

Please note that the geo-fence feature is designed to monitor non-regular use of a vehicle. The Fair Use Policy for text alerts does not extend to the use of a geo-fence to monitor regular use of your personal vehicle i.e. setting a geo-fence around the garage of the family car or your workplace.