Points of Interest

Use Points of Interest to monitor vehicle activity at your regular sites.

Report on what vehicles entered and left each site during a particular date range.



  • Set up Points of Interest at any and all sites where your vehicles come and go regularly. For example a business may create Points of Interest (POI) for the depot and the branches, or for customers. For personal use vehicles a parent may set up a POI for home and for their teenager’s boyfriend’s house.
  • When a vehicle is inside a designated site its current address will name the POI rather than the address i.e. AVS Car Security rather than 59 Paul Matthews Rd
  • POI are easy to set up on the live map
  • Run a report by site to show which of your vehicles entered and left each site during a particular date range (you can also run a sites NOT visited report which can be very useful)
  • POI is automatically included as part of your AVS GPS Tracking account
  • Also see Geo-Fencing and Area Search for more entry/exit zone reporting features

For more information about using POI see our Points of Interest news post.