GPS lease from $39 per month

Having the option to lease rather than buy equipment is popular with many business owners so AVS GPS Tracking now offers a 3-year lease term for commercial clients.

Some of the advantages of choosing to lease include:

  • No upfront cost – this frees up cashflow and keeps capital in the business
  • One low monthly Hire Charge of $39 +GST per tracker includes the GPS hardware, installation New Zealand wide and the service fee
  • The hardware is maintained over the lease term
  • Payments may be tax deductible (we do not provide legal, tax or accounting advice, check with your tax advisor first)

Because each business is unique AVS GPS Tracking offers both purchase and lease options for commercial clients (as well as short term rent options) so you can decide what will suit your business better.

Learn more about a GPS lease from AVS GPS Tracking here or give our team a call on 0800 438 862. Lease options are available for commercial clients only direct from AVS or from selected resellers.