Asset GPS tracking

Track your asset with AVS GPS Tracking

You can take advantage of a GPS tracking solution for your moveable or fixed asset. Through the installation of an AVS GPS tracker you can monitor the location of the equipment from your laptop or smart device.

Depending on the application, choose between real time GPS tracking and location-on-demand services.

Real time GPS tracking

This is our recommended method of tracking your asset. Pay a low all inclusive monthly fee including the tracking data and SMS alerts. The advantages with real time GPS tracking include:

  1. You have instant access to the live location of your asset
  2. Tracking and status history is stored for 12 months

Both these advantages give great benefits for managing and securing the asset.

You will also receive an alert via SMS or email for any number of events such as the asset being moved, or tilted, waking up, getting a tamper or low battery warning.

The frequency of location updates can be tailored to suit your application. With a powered, moveable asset frequent GPS updates are achievable and provide better historic data. Alternatively a fixed asset with no power may require only a daily update unless the asset moves.


This service works differently in that no history is recorded. If the tracker detects movement it will automatically notify you of the current location of the asset via SMS or email.

This is the most cost effective way to add GPS location services to your asset as there is no monthly service fee (however you do need to maintain the SIM card in the device).

Customised options for asset GPS tracking

Asset GPS tracking can be utilised in many different scenarios. This includes securing and monitoring high value assets on a job site – think diggers, scissor lifts or even tool boxes or while moving or transporting equipment, or to monitor isolated equipment (such as beehives) that are kept in isolated areas.

Because of this flexibility the first step is to have a chat to find out what you are wanting to secure. From there we will recommend the best hardware and system set up for your application. This can be as simple as a small, magnetic mount portable GPS tracker which is powered for up to 12-months (depending on frequency of updates) by an on-board, long life battery. Alternative sources of powering the tracker include a re-chargeable battery or solar power. Robust, IP68 waterproof enclosures are also available for tough applications.

Asset tracking is priced depending on the application, GPS tracker hardware, and location update frequency. Purchase, lease or short term rental options are available. Installation is available nationwide. Please get in contact to discuss your asset tracking project.

Asset tracking can also be integrated as part of a complete security solution. As a customer of AVS you can benefit from Manta Electronics’ broader knowledge across all areas of vehicle and security technologies.