Understanding Points of Interest

The Points of Interest (POI) feature lets you easily create named sites for places you regularly visit.

Once you have created a POI, AVS GPS Tracking can report on which of your vehicles entered and left that site during a particular date range.

How to use the POI feature

Here’s a few examples of how clients use this feature:

  • A nationwide business uses POIs for the main depot and branches to track fleet movement between these sites
  • A construction business sets up a POI for the duration of a build to be able to report on time of site for the teams allocated to that build
  • A distribution business uses POIs for key customers to monitor sales reps and delivery call cycles
  • Parents set up a POI for the house to monitor what time their daughter returns the family car home in the weekends

How to set up a POI

  1. Right click on the live map address where you want the POI
  2. Choose ‘Add POI (here)’
  3. Name your POI with the site i.e. ‘AVS Car Security’ or ‘Home’
  4. Make sure the Category drop down is set to ‘Sites’, if not selected ‘New’ and name the category ‘Sites’
  5. Click ‘Save’

Note: some older versions of the application may not have automatic POI set up activated. If you add a POI but don’t see it on the map give us a call and we’ll sort it out.

Tips for using a POI

  • Once named you’ll see the POI labelled on the live map
  • When a vehicle is inside a designated site its’ current address will name the POI rather than the address i.e. ‘AVS Car Security’ rather than ’59 Paul Matthews Rd’
  • POIs are per account (not per vehicle)
  • To run a report showing which of your vehicles entered and left each POI site during a particular date range choose ‘Time on Site (Site)’ from the Reports menu on the main screen
  • Access to the POI feature is included in your monthly service fee
  • POI can only be added on a PC/Mac (not on the mobile version)

If you would like to know more, or would like some help to set up a POI please give our friendly team a call during business hours on 0800 438 862.